life is either

a daring adventure

or nothing at all

Helen Keller

Oh the places you'll go

Planning your first global trip?
Have your destination, but don't know what's next?

This site is designed especially for you!

After helping hundreds of first timers get ready for their big trip, I realized the need for clear instructions on how to Travel, Organized.

I've designed the Trip Planning Timeline  to jumpstart your trip planning.  You will know what to do month by month until your departure date. 

Download my FREE Trip Planning Mini-Guide to check off step by step and organize your global trip planning like a pro! You'll find pages and pages of things to do, places to write notes, and details about luggage packing.

If you prefer to jump into researching travel details about the country you will visit, I've put together notes for popular countries to help you get organized for your trip. Request a password for my library of  Trip Planning Country Guides.


Hi, I'm Gwen.

I've spent the last nine years helping, coaching, and sending first time travelers millions of miles around the world to dozens of countries  and have found all these travelers have a common goal:  They want an AWESOME trip! I'm here to help you plan that awesome trip.

I've found the secret to a successful global trip is a proven trip plan to TRAVEL ORGANIZED.

My TRIP PLANNING resources will get you moving step by step until you get on the plane and give you the questions to ask, that you don't know to ask.

I've combined the years of planning into a simple, easy to use system for you as a first time global traveler.  Check out my Trip Planning Timeline to see it in action. 

I love it when my friends text me on the way to the airport, feeling confident and excited about the travel plan they've just completed.

 It's time to share those plans with you!

in 2015, I had a life-long dream fulfilled when I took my first international trip Not being a world-traveler, I had no clue as to how to prepare for this journey of a lifetime. Thankfully I had Gwen, who expertly guided the entire process from start to finish.
— Pam
Gwen coached my first trip overseas this year. My experience was incredible - she didn’t miss a detail. I was well informed about all the trip plans and how to prepare in advance. All I had to do was show up and enjoy!
— Barb